Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for letting us know. Sometimes a package will miss being scanned but is still in transit.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

This is an extremely common mistake that people make. Unfortunately once a purchase has been made we have no ability to alter the invoice since the payment has already been made. We will on occasion extend a discount on a future order to make up for missing this sale. Please submit a ticket if this is your situation and we will do our best to try to help.

When transacting through credit cards there are two types of transactions that occur. One is called an authorization and the other is called a capture. An authorization is the first thing that is done whereby the bank puts the amount of the charge on hold returning a message to the processor that the funds are available.

The next step is called a capture. It is at this step that the bank will verify that the information entered into the checkout form under “Billing Address” is accurate. This means that the street address and zip code match exactly to what the bank has on file for your account. If the billing address is incorrect by even one number then a capture will fail and no signal to remove those funds from your account will be sent. Hence the AVS mismatch error upon checkout.

When incorrect billing information is entered we will have a case where the authorization (do the funds exist) was successful but the capture (did they enter the correct identifying information to show that the transaction isn’t fraudulent) was unsuccessful. This means that when you look at your bank statement or online account you will see what looks like a charge from us.

This is not a charge from us as the capture failed. This is simply an authorization which we release immediately. Each bank has their own policies regarding authorizations though and most banks will not return those funds to your account until 48 business hours have passed. Some unfortunately take a bit longer up to 5 business days.

This is the policy of your individual bank and Extreme Peptide has no control whatsoever over how long they choose to hold your funds. Because of this it is very important that you triple check your billing information prior to submitting your order.

***Please note that if you ask the bank, they cant tell the difference on their end between an authorization and a charge. But in your account the charge will show as pending and then disappear. This is simply how it works.***

Please double check that the billing address that you are entering is accurate and correct. The zip code and address must match for the transaction to go through. If it is not correct it will cause a pending charge that will drop shortly.

If it still wont work please email us through our support department and we will help you to figure out what is going wrong.

We do not accept these payment methods. We are searching for alternate methods of payment to accept however these are not currently one of them.

We can accept a Money order for payment. Please note that your order will not ship until we have received the money order.

Unfortunately we do not.

This will vary depending on payment method chosen. Please email us if you need to verify a transaction.

We reserve the right to further review random orders as well as any foreign orders with high dollar amounts. This is to ensure compliance of our Terms of Service as well as protect ourselves and our clients from possible fraud. If you receive a follow up email from Extreme Peptide please respond ASAP to ensure the prompt shipment of your order.

If you have any questions regarding this please let us know.

You will need to log in, than go to my profile. Your total EP Reward points will be displayed there. You are then welcome to use those points to deduct part or all of the cost of the products you are purchasing.

The only two instances where points will not be added are if you chose to pay with points or if you forgot to login to your members area before purchasing. If you use guest checkout then no points will be added to your balance because the system doesn’t have a member ID to add them to.

If this has happened please submit a support ticket. Be sure to include your name, username and order number that points weren’t credited for. Our staff will verify the legitimacy of your claim and add the appropriate number of points to your balance.