Frequently Asked Questions

Extreme Peptide sells products that are explicitly sold for laboratory research studies only. As a company we have an obligation to catch and reject any orders that come from individuals who may use our products outside of their intended purpose. If you have been added to the no-sell list then it is because the management of Extreme Peptide has been given reason to believe that you have intentions of using our products improperly. Once a name has been added to this list it is very rare that it will be removed without extensive due diligence by Extreme Peptide staff. As a research supply company this is our obligation under the law and we will always fulfill it.
The blue colored tops pictured on the site are simply for illustration. Each peptide we sell will have a varying colored top to help our clients distinguish between them.
Most US orders ship with no signature required. Signature confirmation can be added to your shipment upon request.
Nothing sold at Extreme Peptide will be shipped without labeling. The products that we sell can be harmful if used improperly and we are required by law to label so that the proper warnings are visible. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.