Frequently Asked Questions

We will accept returns if it is due to damage that is our fault or manufacturers defects. The items that we sell are chemicals and peptides and as such could degrade if improperly handled. As a result we are unable to resell products once they have left our warehouse.

Peptides due to their fragile nature and us being unable to monitor how they were handled when they were out of our care, could possibly degrade. We prefer not to accept returns of peptides due to this fact. Although we will listen to all cases should the need arise. Please CONTACT US to discuss this.

If you are missing an item or the item you receive is damaged then please contact us and we will send out a replacement free of any shipping costs to you.

If A refund is deemed necessary then we will manually refund your transaction or the appropriate amount for the returned items. Chargebacks will not be taken lightly and will subject the client to being put on the no sell list. Refunds will only be issued after the items have been returned to us. Please always contact us first because most issues can be resolved very easily.

If your order has not yet been shipped and you wish to cancel your order then please email us at service@extremepeptides.com and we will do our utmost to accommodate you. We cannot promise that we can intercept it though if its already been processed.

All Items are shipped safely and in a manner that ensures safe arrival. If for any reason this is not the case then please email us and we will work with you. Each case is handled individually.

If a product is missing from your order then please contact us and once we verify the legitimacy of the claim then we will send the missing item to you. All orders are documented and are photographed prior to shipping to avoid any fraudulent claims.

Chargebacks will not be tolerated due to our above policy for handling all issues. We will treat chargebacks as fraud and will pursue legal action if a chargeback is initiated to the full extent of the law.

The first thing you will want to do is navigate to the members forgot password page located HERE.

From this page, enter your username and email address for authentication and you will be emailed instructions for resetting your password. Be sure to check your spam folder as sometimes automated e-mails will land there by mistake.

If you run into any issues with this process please submit a support ticket and one of our dedicated staff members will be happy to help.

Extreme Peptide sells products that are explicitly sold for laboratory research studies only. As a company we have an obligation to catch and reject any orders that come from individuals who may use our products outside of their intended purpose. If you have been added to the no-sell list then it is because the management of Extreme Peptide has been given reason to believe that you have intentions of using our products improperly.

Once a name has been added to this list it is very rare that it will be removed without extensive due diligence by Extreme Peptide staff. As a research supply company this is our obligation under the law and we will always fulfill it.

From your member’s area click the “my orders” tab and you will be taken to a list of all of your past orders. They will each be updated with a status and you can click them to open and view their contents. When your order is marked completed you will be sent an order completed email that contains a link called “click to track” That link will take you directly to the proper page for you to track your shipment straight to your door.